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Kactus Jock Rydables Old Town Tour

This is our most popular tour, and, the new #1 tour experience in Scottsdale! We are the ONLY tour company in Arizona that’s worked extensively with the Scottsdale Historical Society in order to ensure that we not only have the most accurate, but also the most engaging and immersive, content and tour experience available! We begin our tours in the Historic 5th Ave. Shops District.

We thoroughly cover the Historic Old Town District, the Arts District as well as the Waterfront District, making a number of stops along the way, for some great photo ops. Combine all of that with the magic of the interactive Rydables experience and you’ve got the most memorable, and fun, tour experience available! It’s like getting two-for-the-price-of-one! We’ll travel through the historic Old Town shops & restaurant district, over through the gallery and arts district then through the modern waterfront area seeing sights all along the way and back…over 45, to be exact. You’ll see more and learn more about Old Town Scottsdale…AND, have WAY more fun doing it, to boot. So, saddle up, Pardner, and let’s get ready to ride!

Parking in Old Town is free! On-street parking has no meters or fees, just time limitations. View the Old Town Parking Map to find the nearest free public parking garage or lot to this event.

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