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Christmas Greetings Special

​”Christmas Greetings Special” is a heartwarming musical that invites the audience into the enchanting world of Millie, a woman whose life is intertwined with the magic of Christmas cards. For Millie, each card she opens acts as a gateway to a world of imagination, where the joy, wonder, and nostalgia of the holiday season come to life. As she revisits cherished memories and shares the magic she discovers with others, Millie becomes a source of inspiration for all those she meets.

“Christmas Greetings Special” celebrates the power of tradition, connection, and the timeless beauty of Christmas cards, reminding us to slow down and savor the present moment. The songs and performances take the audience on a journey where reality and imagination blur, and the humblest of cards reveal the grandest of tales. The production promises to transport you to a place where dreams come true, with a blend of magic, music, and unforgettable joy. Join Millie and her world of enchantment in “Christmas Greetings: The Special” and experience the true spirit of Christmas throughout the year.

Shows take place on December 16, at 3pm and 6pm.

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