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Marcellino Ristorante

The love between the owners, Chef Marcellino and his wife, Sima is the foundation upon which this passionate restaurant was born. The sultry warmth of Marcellino Ristorante’s ambiance is designed as the canvas, and the authentic, hand-crafted cuisine and exclusively Italian wine list, is the work of art that creates a most romantic and holiday dazzling culinary experience. Every morsel from Chef’s infused pastas, grilled lamb chops cloaked in a luxurious balsamic reduction to Atlantic salmon sautéed with leeks and porcini mushrooms has made many swoon. Attentive, European-style table service is the finishing touch to a special holiday night out.

Seasonal Delights

Every night Chef Marcellino prepares special pasta’s and dishes that utilize the season’s bounty. Your server will orate the Special menu for the night.

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